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We want your To the Moon to last a long time, so here are some tips to take care of your bikinis and swimsuits:

  • Wash it whenever you can by hand with cold water. If you do it in the washing machine, it is better to wash it with cold water, without softener (the softener spoils the lycra) and with a very gentle spin but if you can, avoid the washing machine.

  • Wash it right after you get back from the beach or pool. If you leave it for a long time with salt or chlorine, it can get damaged.

  • Dry it in the air, if you can in the shade and if you dry it in the sun, turn it inside out.
    Do not squeeze it or rub it too much because the fibers of the fabric can be damaged.

  • Some sun creams can damage the fabric of your swimsuit or bikini. Remember that swimsuit fabrics are delicate. Do not use stain remover.

  • Never keep your bathing suits wet because the lycras and rubbers are spoiled if they are not completely dry.